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PhoenixWood Products

Phoenix Wood products provide wood-based innovations and solutions for everyday living and housing needs.

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Qualified Team

We only hire the best in the business, so you can be sure you’re working the best designers, builders and inspectors.

Quality Wood

We provide sustainable wood-based Innovations. You will always get a product you love. We guarantee it 100%.

Superior Support

We’re here for you – before, during and after. If you want to make any changes on your order or if you have a question don’t hesitate to ask.


Phoenix Wood Products Corporation has a diversified background and is able to provide design, architectural, engineering and management services and advice for your entire project.  All items we produce are fabricated in our shop and can be shipped, with or without our quality installation services, worldwide.


Wood Experts Since 1987.
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Do you Know How To Build Steps For A Deck? 

You have been working hard to improve your house, and one thing you have done or are looking to do is building a deck. While a deck may not add much to your house price it's self, you really want one to have an amazing look and feel on your house. On this page we want to help you learn…

Building A ramp For A Shed Easy Plans!

Building A ramp For A Shed Can Be A lot Of Fun! You have this amazing shed in your backyard, but you are struggling to put things in there from lawn mowers to having to take a big step when putting things away, what you need is a ramp for your shed. It won't matter how high off the ground…

Learning The Uses Hand Wood Carving Tools!

Best Hand Wood Carving Tool! If you previously have the majority of the tools, it will be 33% cheaper since I had to purchase everything (but for the drill and tape measure that I owned already). The tools are rather old and were in unusable shape once I got them. Once polished it is ready for use. With them, you…